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About us

We are PMX and we support you in improving the performance and predictability of agile roles, agile teams and agile organizations.



We value satisfied customers. See how they appreciated the collaboration and the results we delivered.


Our journey

In 2008 we started our agile journey. We are delighted to share our experiences with you.

Our journey


Knowledge on its own is nothing. But the application of useful knowledge, that is powerful.


Agile coaching

We observe your agile teams and the interaction with the key agile leadership roles. We provide feedback on skills, knowledge and attitude to support their learning curves. We help you to improve the maturity of your agile organization and challenge teams to become more predictable.

In addition, we coach your management to facilitate agile teams and agile release trains in the most optimal way.


Leading your agile transformation

The first transformation steps into an agile organization are usually easy. Most of our customers have already set-up an agile foundation of isolated Scrum or DevOps teams. Integration and collaboration with other teams is more complex to organize. Even more challenging is the alignment of teams with strategic themes and value streams. Introduction of Lean Portfolio Management offers a solution, but needs guidance. Together, we plan and lead your agile transformation to increase alignment, transparency and predictably.


Agile program management

Sometimes scope is not negotiable and deadlines need to be met. Organizations may consider a hybrid agile approach combining a traditional waterfall governance and agile development teams. This approach needs more steering than just coaching, training and facilitation. Agile program management can help keep focus on results planned and agreed timelines without losing the benefits of agility of your development teams.

On time, on budget, high quality

innogy eMobility GmbH in Dortmund (Germany) needed timely delivery of a complicated technological transition in a complex corporate environment. The project was organized using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and consisted of over 15 agile teams.


Agile delivery for innogy eMobility

This project was a complicated technological transition in a complex corporate environment - with 15 agile teams using SAFe.

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