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About us

We are PMX and we support you in improving the performance and predictability of agile roles, agile teams and agile organizations.



We value satisfied customers. See how they appreciated the collaboration and the results we delivered.


Our journey

In 2008 we started our agile journey. We are delighted to share our experiences with you.

Our journey


Knowledge on its own is nothing. But the application of useful knowledge, that is powerful.


Classroom training

The first two half-day modules combine theory and engaging exercises:

  • Ready for Departure explains the relevance of Crew Resource Management and goes into the principles behind effective communication – both verbal and non-verbal. It also provides an effective technique to improve your listening.
  • Into the Thunderstorm shows how stress and multi-tasking limit your effectiveness. This module also introduces techniques on how to recover from stressful events – and presents a model for better decision making.

Flying in a full-motion Boeing 737 flight simulator

In the last full-day, Cleared for Take-off, we welcome you at Lelystad Airport. You and your team will be briefed by a flight instructor to take the controls and fly a professional Boeing 737 full-motion flight-simulator. The simulator provides a fail-safe pressure-cooker environment where you become the flight crew, applying the learnings of the training – and will experience the consequences of your decisions first-hand. During the flight, other team members can observe and analyze the decisions taken by the flight crew. After the flight, you get a debrief and feedback on application of the CRM-principles. There is also time allocated to visit Aviodrome – the Aviation Museum – located just around the corner. The day concludes with a drink and an informal sharing of this unique experience.

An amazing experience for everyone

“The Leadership in Turbulent Environments training has been part of our Bright institute’s talent development program since 2018. It is one of the most appreciated trainings by our PhD’s. They consider it very valuable to help improve their leadership and decision-making skills. They like the combination of easy and fun exercises to fully understand the theory. The training is challenging, applicable in practice and a flight in the Boeing 737 Flight simulator is an amazing experience for everyone.”

Lonneke Ploum – Head of Bright institute (Bright society)


Training for Bright Society

Read about how we enriched the talent development program of the Bright institute as a preferred training partner.

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