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About us

We are PMX and we support you in improving the performance and predictability of agile roles, agile teams and agile organizations.



We value satisfied customers. See how they appreciated the collaboration and the results we delivered.


Our journey

In 2008 we started our agile journey. We are delighted to share our experiences with you.

Our journey


Knowledge on its own is nothing. But the application of useful knowledge, that is powerful.





Business Services

Extraordinary trainings for the talent development program

Bright society was looking for extraordinary trainings for their young PhD professionals. This was the start of a long-term relationship.


Bright society is a talent incubator located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Bright society nurtures a unique group of PhDs – and provides them with a talent development program to facilitate them in their professional journey.


In 2016 we started collaborating with Bright society. They challenged us to provide extraordinary trainings to add to their talent development program. Trainings that are off the beaten path, challenging but fun and with a high ‘cool’ factor.


The enthusiastic PhDs provided a perfect group for our new Agile Foundation training – allowing us to fine-tune the materials. We also provided trainings ‘on request’ like ‘Yes, we Kanban!’, ‘Cultural Awareness’ and ‘Risk Management’.

Preferred training partner

Early in our collaboration we shared our ideas about a leadership training where the participants would practice their skills in a flight simulator. Bright society challenged us to deliver it by offering the first group of participants. After a year of development, in spring 2018 we delivered the first training to 8 PhD’s. Since then, our ‘Leadership in Turbulent Environments’ training has been an annual training for the Bright institute talent development program – which sells out in hours.

“The Leadership in Turbulent Environments training by Jacques and Jurgen has been part of our Bright institute’s talent development program since 2018. It is one of the most appreciated trainings by our PhD’s. They consider it very valuable to help improve their leadership and decision-making skills. They like the combination of easy and fun exercises to fully understand the theory. The training is challenging, applicable in practice and a flight in the Boeing 737 Flight simulator is an amazing experience for everyone.”

Lonneke Ploum Head of Bright institute (Bright society)

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